We could say that 3rd St. Station is a gourmet,

sports-themed gastropub featuring eclectic cocktails and locally inspired culinary creations, but we’d rather get kicked in the shins than sound so annoyingly bougie and unoriginal. 3rd St. Station is in fact a bar that shows sports, but we just happen to serve tasty food and drinks in a clean environment. If you’re looking for beer-encrusted tables and tube televisions, then you might consider 3rd St. Station fancy, but we just consider ourselves reasonable. And, what, you may wonder, does a reasonable sports bar offer?

  • Draft Beer (12) - If we didn’t have draft beer, why would you come? The last time we checked, none of our friends had 12 kegerators.

  • Flat Screen TVs - TVs are typically essential for watching sports. No, we don’t have 65 TVs, but every seat in 3rd St. Station has a view. Reasonable.

  • Tasty Food - From Mexican Street Cart Tacos to Homemade Guacamole to our Signature Flatbreads, we prepare classic bar food with high quality ingredients. If you're looking for ten salad options or foie gras, don't go to a sports bar.

  • Liquor - Sometimes beer, wine, and even sangria aren’t enough. Dramatic come from behind victory? Shots please.

  • DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket - We hate the greedy bastards running cable and satellite companies too, but the fact is that DirecTV negotiated one hell of a deal with the NFL. Props to them. We’ve got every NFL game.

  • Happy Hour 5-8 PM Daily with $5 Draft Beers, $5 Well Drinks, $6 Glasses of Wine, $7 Specialty Cocktails and Food Specials.